Scientific documents annotation with @Web



@Web, a software to annotate heterogeneous scientific data sources guided by a termino-ontological resource

@Web is a semantic web application using a predefined vocabulary (called ontology in the following) organized as a taxonomy. @Web is a semi-automatic tool designed to help domain experts to annotate data found in scientific documents (publications, data sheets, ...). @Web project is a joint collaboration between UMR MIA AgroParisTech/INRAE and UMR INRAE IATE, supported by INRAE PLASTIC platform.

The focus is made on data tables as they often contain a synthesis of experimental results published in scientific publications. The user downloads an HTML scientific document, then data tables are semi-automatically identified and extracted from the document. A graphical user-friendly interface helps the user to annotate data tables thanks to the ontology. Annotators may suggest evolutions of the ontology (new candidate terms of the vocabulary) which are managed by the ontology administrator. Metadata may be associated with documents in order to assess documents’ reliability. Annotated information from scientific data tables may be queried thank to a semantic tool using the ontology.


29 October 2020



Milk microfiltration process dataset annotated from a collection of scientific papers
A new data paper about Food packaging permeability and composition dataset dedicated to text-mining (
A new data paper about Milling itineraries dataset for a collection of crop and wood by-products (

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