General Understanding

General Understanding

What kind of information can I find on @Web for a given paper?

For a given paper, you can get access to:

By clicking on its name:

  • The document’s general information (name, authors, source, etc.)
  • The document itself in a PDF or HTML format (download PDF file or download HTML file)
  • The document’s tables: all the tables featured by the document have been extracted and are available on @Web if you click on Table Management
  • The document’s criteria values: these values and criteria have been used to assess the reliability of the document
  • The document’s reliability assessment: paper’s reliability values should be between 1 (lowest reliability value) to 5 or 7 (highest reliability values) to ensure a good compromise between complexity and expressiveness. Two estimates (lowest and highest expectations) are given for one document. The further apart they are the less precise the reliability assessment is, meaning that information about reliability is mixed. An estimate of the reliability assessment is also available through the known criteria values rate (in %). The lowest this rate is the less information was available for determining the reliability of the document so the less trustworthy the assessment of the paper’s reliability is. The date of the last assessment is also made available.

By clicking on the left-side arrow next to its name:

You get access to the annotated tables. Each document has three of them:

  • Biomass composition
  • Enzymatic cocktail
  • Process description

By clicking on a table's name you can access it (through a hyperlink) and get to know about where the information needed for its construction were taken from (PDF pages and/or document’s tables or figures).

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