Evagrain project accepted!

Evagrain ANR project (2021-2024)

The ambition of EVAGRAIN is to design a Decision Support System (DSS) that will compute a general assessment of the wheat quality for various end-uses in the industry from analytical data provided by the user, and based on scientific and technological knowledge from the cereal sector. A second objective is to explore routes for designing innovative analytical tests that will allow for better diagnosis of wheat quality. Nonprotein components such as, lipids, pentosans and water will be the main targets of new analysis. A third objective is to support knowledge transfer from cereal science and technology to economic actors of the cereal sector.

Realizing the DSS requires the development of a computational framework that will integrate knowledge and data about grain and cereal products from different sources as database, literature, existing models, experts… Formats, computational tools and suitable web interface will be developed with the purpose to put our current understanding of wheat quality into use, and to open directions for the development of new standards to qualify wheat grain. The integrated use of knowledge and data is a challenge for computer science that will be addressed in this project. The DSS will have a web interface so that any player in the grain sector could input analytical data about wheat and generate three types of result: The prediction of the quality of wheat with respect to end-use (Evagrain will cover French and soft pan breads and possibly biscuit).- An explicit account of the reasoning underlying the prediction of quality - An assessment of the uncertainty of the outcomes.

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